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What Our Clients Are Saying


"IB Score Reports have been invaluable over the past few years in documenting our historical performance so we can support our students, be transparent with our school community, and ensure we are consistently working to enhance our teaching and learning."

Brent Mcavoy, Vice Principal of Academics
International School Basel


"Thank you for all your help during the last few years. Your reports have really helped us analyse our results!"

Camila Rueda Ramírez, IB DP Coordinator
Colegio Anglo Colombiano


"Your reports were very useful and allowed us to make some good strategic decisions moving ahead."

Phil Rogers, Director of Teaching & Learning
The Friends' School (Australia)


"Thank you for getting this analysis done so quickly. Very impressive and much appreciated."

LaTosha Parker-Jackson, HS Principal
Verdala International School


"Many thanks for helping me make my report to the board look a lot more impressive!"

Kristen Korczynski, IB DP Coordinator
International School of Stuttgart


"You guys are great! As always, quick and efficient. Thank you so much for updating our reports."

Sean Sonderman, IB DP Coordinator
Anglo-American School of Moscow


"Your reports are so clear - thank you!"

Alexis Mamaux, Dean of Academics
UWC USA (New Mexico)


“Thank you so much for your quick response. When I sent the email, I bet myself that you would reply quickly – you guys are so reliable I knew you would. I really appreciate your hard work.”

Stephen Kaye, Deputy Head of Senior School (Academic)
Dulwich College Beijing


"Thanks for your invaluable help. I appreciate the speedy and professional service you provide."

Robert Allan, HS Associate Principal and DP Coordinator
Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Lima)


"Thank you for your exceptional work and support."

Dr. Paul Fochtman, Head of School
Frankfurt International School


"Thanks for the updated reports and for all of the work you do in this regard. I very much appreciated this information and your efficient service. I continue to promote your product in the IB workshops I lead, telling teachers and Coordinators about both the thoroughness of the reports and the quick processing I've received since I started using your product in Dubai."

Brian Hull, IB DP Coordinator
Canadian International School of Hong Kong


"Thank you for the quick turnaround of our revised data. The new displays are much appreciated. I particularly like the list of our students over the last five years and their final vs. predicted diploma scores! Amazing!"

David Botbyl, Superintendent
American International School of Kuwait


"We greatly appreciate your high quality service!"

Tanya Haggarty, Deputy Principal
Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics & Technology


"Your reports are super helpful to us."

Rania Hussein, Head of Senior School
GEMS World Academy, Dubai


"Thank you for the magically fast turnaround once again."

David Miles, HS Principal
Verdala International School


"Your reports are highly informative. This is the most detailed analysis of our results we have ever had. I have been receiving lots of very positive feedback from the Heads of Department. I am certain your reports will prove very useful to us."

Richard Fower, IB DP Coordinator
The Koç School (Istanbul)


"IB Score Reports are amazing! Thank you! This wealth of information is invaluable to our continued growth as an IB school! We have already begun to plan teacher professional development to discuss what the data represents and how it can further guide our practice."

Sarah Fairman
International Academy (Michigan)


"Thanks for the continued quality of your reports!"

Peter Kotrc, Director
Berlin Brandenburg International School


"IB Score Reports are detailed, comprehensive, and have provided deep insight into where we are doing well and areas requiring attention."

Mohammed Baba, IB DP Coordinator
King Fahad Academy (London)


"Impressive service! Your reports will be very beneficial for our staff and for our five-year review that is due next spring! Still amazed that everything came together in such a short time frame."

Jason Fuller, IB Coordinator
Horton High School (Nova Scotia)


"My teachers are very excited about everything you put together and are finding the reports incredibly helpful for reflection."

Laura Herbst, Advanced Learning Coordinator
Minnetonka High School (Minnesota)


"IB Score Reports have been very useful to us."

Ashley Phillipson, DP Coordinator
The British International School of Budapest


"UWCSEA have been using IB Score Reports now for six years. We find them immensely helpful and remarkably clear."

Pippa Haley, Vice Principal Curriculum
UWCSEA (Singapore)


"IB Score Reports are AWESOME. Our school administration is really keen to have this level of depth in our score analysis. Thank you as well for your prompt turnaround."

Katie Hurlbut, IB Coordinator
Asociación Escuelas Lincoln (Buenos Aires)


"IB Score Reports provided us with an incredibly comprehensive analysis of our IBDP results that have enabled our curriculum leaders to more thoroughly understand our outcomes as they plan for further improvements. The fact that this data was received in such a short space of time, and with such a quality and personalised service, is tremendous. I highly recommend their service."

Paul Friend, Principal
North London Collegiate School Jeju (Korea)


“IB Score Reports are very useful in helping our teachers identify areas for improvement."

Nick Hazell, Director
Hillel Academy (Jamaica)


"Your wonderful reports helped us figure out where we needed to focus our energies."

Dr. Stephen Campbell, DP Coordinator
Lausanne Collegiate School (Tennessee)


“I worked with you for five years at the Anglo American School of Moscow, where we were really happy with your product. Delighted to have enlisted your services here at my new school in Dakar. Your reports have informed some excellent professional conversations.”

Paul Lennon, DP Coordinator
International School of Dakar


"Thank you very much for the reports and the swift return time! They will be an enormous help to me and my colleagues as we reflect on our work!"

Janos Öreg, Head of IB DP
Bergen Katedralskole (Norway)


"I appreciate your efficiency, and the continued personal nature of your service, despite its clearly growing popularity."

Andrew Roff, IB Coordinator
Bangkok Patana School


"I'm impressed, and very excited to delve into these reports. Your turnaround was amazing. It is a pleasure working with you!"

Jeffrey Holcomb, HS Assistant Principal
Seoul Foreign School


"IB Score Reports continue to impress with the depth of detail and clear presentation."

Michael Ortiz, DP Coordinator
International School of Kuala Lumpur


"Given the quality of the reports last year, we are delighted as a school to be working with you again."

Matthew Harris, Assistant Head of Senior School
Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong


"It is a pleasure to do business with you. I am not used to such excellent customer service!"

Danielle Franzén Daoudy, IB Coordinator
St. John's International School (Belgium)


"Thanks so much for the analysis - I was blown away by the speed and detail of the reports - so much data to look at!"

Michael Relf, IB Coordinator
International School Manila

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