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How to Order

Ordering IB Score Reports is easy.

Step 1: Click here to send us an email:

We'll send you detailed instructions on how to download your school's data files from IBIS.

Step 2: Gather your data files.

Follow our instructions to download Candidate, Subject, and Component CSV files from IBIS. We'll need those three files for each year to be included in your reports. Be sure to generate new files so they contain the latest scores. We'll also need your IBIS School Statistics pdf, one for each year to be included in your reports.

Step 3: Send us your files.

Send them via email, or share them with us using Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 4: Receive your reports and an invoice for payment.

Turnaround should be quick, typically just a few days. We'll send an invoice for payment after we've delivered your reports. If you need an advance invoice, just let us know.